Since being introduced to Adobe Photoshop version 4.0, I have had a passion for multimedia design. Fifteen years on and I’ve had opportunities to work in a range of different environments that have required a solid understanding of Adobe products. Below is a list of programs and areas in which I may be able to assist:

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Introducing Adobe Bridge

  • Implementing Adobe Bridge
  • Getting photos off the camera
  • Viewing photos in full screen & preview mode

Camera Essentials:

  • Using Review mode to filter out rejected images
  • Saving images into collections
  • Rating and labeling images
  • Viewing final selects in a slideshow
  • Organizing groups of images into stacks

Photoshop Interface Essentials

  • Opening files from Bridge
  • Using the Application frame
  • Managing panels

Digital Imaging Essentials:

  • Understanding file formats
  • Choosing the resolution you need
  • Understanding Resize vs. Resample
  • Working with print sizes and resolution

Cropping and Transformations

  • Using the Undo and the History panel
  • Using crop options
  • Understanding Hide vs. Delete
  • Scaling, skewing and rotating with Free Transform
  • Making nondistructive transformations with Smart Objects
  • Warping images

Working with layers:

  • Exploring layer basics
  • Loading, selecting and transforming layers
  • Organizing layers using layer groups
  • Merging, rasterizing and flattening layers

Tone and Colour Adjustment Layers

  • What are adjustment layers?
  • Improving tonal quality with Levels
  • Changing the color temperature with Photo Filter
  • Converting colour to black and white

Retouching Essentials

  • Removing blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush and the Patch tool
  • De-emphasizing wrinkles with the Healing Brush
  • Brightening eyes with curves
  • Body sculpting with Liquify

Essential Filters

  • What are filters?
  • Creating a soft glow with the Gaussian Blur Filter
  • Creating an infrared look with Diffuse Glow
  • Adding noise with the Add Noise Filter
  • Giving an image texture with the Texturizer filter
  • Creating a painting with the Oil Paint Filter

Layer Effects and Styles

  • Adding a drop shadow effect
  • Adding edges, textures, and colour overlays using layer styles
  • Creating a transparent logo or watermark


An Introduction

  • Understanding vector graphics
  • Setting preferences
  • Getting to know the interface & panels

Working with Documents

  • Creating files for print
  • Creating files for web
  • Using rulers, guides and grids
  • Using preview modes
  • Locking and hiding artwork
  • Creating and using artboards

Working with Colour

  • RGB vs CMYK
  • Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
  • Using the swatch groups
  • Working with colour libraries

Drawing Tools:

  • Understanding paths
  • Understanding anchor points
  • Creating shapes
  • Creating lines
  • Understanding fills and strokes
  • Understanding the pen tool

Using Type in Illustrator

  • Basic text editing
  • Using the type panels
  • Creating text on a path

Working with Images

Drawing in Perspective

Printing, Saving and Exporting

  • Implementing Adobe Bridge